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Shipping Information

We ship all our products CANADA WIDE through PUROLATOR and Canada Post at your discretion. We value your time and the importance of getting your orders out quickly, with most packages leaving our facility within 1-2 business days. See below for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for orders to ship out?

A: Most orders will ship within 1-2 business days, with a few exceptions:

  • If there is a Restricted firearm in your order, there will be a delay while we initiate and wait for the transfer from the CFO of your province. Transfer times vary by province and are not a prescribed amount of time. Your order will ship out promptly after the transfer approval is received.
  • If any details within your order are incorrect (billing, shipping, PAL #, DOB, etc.). We will contact you for correction prior to shipping.
  • During sale periods, with larger than average sales volumes, shipping times may be slightly delayed.

Q: Can I choose any courier?

A: Yes, but some conditions apply:

  • For PO BOXES, you MUST select CANADA POST. The other couriers are not able to ship to a PO BOX.
  • For AMMUNITION, you MUST select PUROLATOR. Canada Post will not ship “dangerous goods”.
  • Therefore, “dangerous goods” cannot be shipped to a PO BOX. Please make sure to provide a physical address for delivery.

Q: Can I ship to any address?

A: Yes, but some conditions apply:

  • SOFT GOODS & MERCHANDISE: Any address will suffice.
  • AMMUNITION & NON-RESTRICTED FIREARMS: Any address will suffice in most cases. If the shipping and PAL address has a significant discrepancy (ie. different provinces), you may be contacted to confirm your identity/intent prior to shipping.
  • RESTRICTED FIREARMS: Must be shipped ONLY to the address associated with your PAL. If you provide an address that does not match your PAL, we will contact you to confirm delivery to your PAL address prior to shipping.

Q: Do you ship to the USA?

A: No

Q: How are shipping rates calculated?

A: Shipping rates are a function of weight, distance and accessibility. The heavier, further, and more remote the order and delivery address is, the higher the shipping rate will be, and vice versa. Shipping rates are determined by each courier.

Q: Do you offer delivery time guarantees?

A: No. Shipping times are determined by our couriers and are out of our control. Any timings provided by the courier are strictly estimates unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Q: Can you ship to remote locations?

A: Best practice is to call the courier to advise on their ability to deliver to your location. If you place an order and it is returned to us because your location was unreachable, your shipping fees will not be refunded.

Q: What are my courier options for shipping?

A: We ship through Canada Post and Purolator. You will be able to select your courier on the checkout page. We reserve the right to change couriers when/if required, at our discretion.

Q: I received a tracking number in my shipping confirmation e-mail but no tracking information is available for my order. What is happening with my order?

A: The shipping confirmation is sent when we generate the shipping label. Shipping labels are generated when the order is processed.

  • Your parcel may be in processing for shipping. Please allow 1-2 business days to see activity in your tracking.
  • If your order contains a Restricted firearm, it will not ship until we receive the approval from the CFO of your province. When it ships, your tracking number will activate.

Q: Will my package be left at my door?

A: We attach “Signature Required” on all orders containing firearms and/or ammunition. Signatures are also required for all orders of a value greater than $100. If you are not there to receive and sign for your order upon delivery, your parcel will be shipped to the nearest depot. You can pick up and sign for your parcel there, at your convenience

Q: According to my tracking, my package has not moved in several days. What should I do?

A: It is not uncommon for some shipments to go several days without receiving tracking updates. The further you are away from Alberta, the longer those delays may be. Please allow 2-3 business days in Alberta and the surrounding provinces, and up to 5-7 business days as far as each coast. If your package has stalled beyond that, please e-mail, and we will take any appropriate action at that time.

Q: My package was returned to you. What happens now?

A: We will ship it back out to you. Depending on the nature of the situation, additional shipping fees may apply.

  • If your order was returned to us after being left at the depot and not picked up, shipping fees will apply.
  • If your order was returned to us because of incorrectly submitted address information, shipping fees will apply.
  • If your order was returned to us due to a mistake on our part or the courier’s, we will cover the additional shipping fees.
  • Please e-mail sales@bashawsports.comto advise on a returned package.

Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A: We do not offer free shipping on most items at this time.

Q: Can I add items to an already placed order?

A: No. Once an order is placed, we cannot add items to it.

Q: What happens if my package is lost in transit? Will I receive a refund?

A: In the rarest of occasions, packages can get lost in transit. There are a few measures we will take up with the courier to resolve the issue first. Please e-mail if you think your package has been lost.

In the event that all measures have been exhausted and your package is determined to be lost, you will receive a full refund on your order.

Q: I have a shipping related concern that is not addressed in the FAQ. Who can I contact?

A: Please direct your concern to, or give us a call at 780.372.4440 and ask for assistance.

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