BU.AXE050.01 WOOX SOLO Camp Axe Brown

SKU:  ae00-3673
Manufacturer Part #:  BU.AXE050.01
An elegant multi-purpose implement for hunters, campers and explorers that can withstand the rigors of backcountry adventuring. Go beyond the backyard with the new Solo axe from WOOX. Less than two pounds in weight yet bearing a load of utility, the Solo is the multi-use axe for backcountry explorers who demand maximum use from their gear. The head arrives absolutely sharp on two edges, ideal for a variety of cutting applications from trimming limbs, creating kindling or clearing a camping area. The sharpened beard is useful for clearing walkways and trails from small intruding branches and can be used for clearing lush vegetation by making cross-body sweeps. The chisel-tipped mattock blade is excellent for trimming bark, trenching and backcountry jobs where shaping large pieces of wood is useful. The pipe-backed topline of the mattock serves as reinforcement to reduce wear and damage from accidental contact with the ground while also providing a grip point if choking up on the head for crafting tasks.


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SKU:  ae00-3673^BU.AXE050.01
Manufacturer Part #:  BU.AXE050.01
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