Splat-R-Ball 950022-FG SPLAT R BALL SPLAT R BALL AMMO, 20,000CT, ORANGE 950022

SKU:  ae00-4646
Manufacturer Part #:  950022-FG
The SplatRBall Water Ball Gel Ammo comes with an easy loading bottle and is certified compatible with the SplatRBall Full Auto Water Bead Blaster Kit. SplatRBall water gel ammo hydrates in 4 hours and fragment on impact. Can be rehydrated and won’t stain surfaces. Non-Toxic. 7.5 mm water ball ammo Non-Toxic 20,000 ct Easy Loading Please make sure you only use this SplatRBall Certified Ammunition. Other brands or types of ammo might damage your SplatRBall blaster. Recommended Age: 14+ This gel ball ammunition is compatible with the SplatRBall water bead blasters like the SRB400, SRB400-SUB or the SRB1200.


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SKU:  ae00-4646^950022-FG
Manufacturer Part #:  950022-FG
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